C.L.Z. offers sheet metal working on drawing of the following materials: carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminized steel, stainless steel AISI 304 - AISI 316 - AISI 430.


Sheet cutting is performed with a guillotine shears with width 3000mm and thickness up to 6mm. Cutting for tubes band profiles is performed with a bandsaw machine.

High-definition PLASMA CUTTING

Cutting table 6000x2000mm. Carbon steel: up to thickness 25mm – Stainless steel: up to 15mm. Plasma cutting of sheet metal is a process that uses a high-temperature plasma beam that melts the metal.


Thanks to our n.2 press brake machines (1machine with power 80tons and width 3000mm, 1machine with power 220ton and width 4000mm) we can offer precise bending for all different needs.


Punching is a process that involves drilling the sheet metal material using a special tool. It is a “cold” process: it does not create smudges and does not involve alterations to the material. Our punching machine can work from thickness 1mm to 3mm.


Calendering is a process to curve a sheet metal, thanks to the insertion of the sheet between rollers. This technique is used, for example, for making pipes and ducts. We can work sheets with maximum thickness of 5 mm and maximum width of 2000mm and realize a diameter of minimum 150 mm.


We use rockwool with different thicknesses and densities to insulate the parts. Thanks to its high insulating properties, rockwool is used especially to insulate tanks, ovens, ducts, panels, etc.


We offer TIG and MIG welding with certified welders, with related leak tests (upon request). TIG welding guarantees a high quality. Compared to MIG welding, it is slower in implementation but more accurate. On the other hand, MIG welding can be performed on any type of metal and it is an ideal solution for speed executions.


Our experience in different market sectors, combined with the continuous production of different materials, allows us to assemble any type of product that can be produced with our machinery.

lavorazioni di carpenteria bergamo
MIG welding
Saldatura a TIG
TIG welding

Upon request, we can supply different kind of certificates: welders’ licenses, WPS, welding consumables certificates, 3.1 certificates of materials.

Tutte le lavorazioni vengono effettuate attraverso l’ausilio di macchinari CNC per garantire un’ottima qualità e precisione.

In case of request of galvanizing and coating of the final products, or other specific requests, we can supply the related certifications thanks to the collaboration with certified partners.

Effettuiamo prove non distruttive con liquidi penetranti e disponiamo di WPS e patentini dei saldatori come da UNI EN ISO 9606-1